Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lots of Tree Lot

I've been a busy little Christmas elf this weekend.  While I had grand plans to use my elfishness to get my house ready for Christmas, I instead got a couple of gifts to a more ready status instead -- I got the second of the two Christmas Tree quilt tops finished.  Plus, I pieced the backs for both quilts, and made both sets of binding!  What the hell, right?!?

This is the second of the two quilt tops - its pretty close to the first one.  I used the same fabric collection but just used different individual fabrics than the other.
Here's a close up of the bottom corner of top number 2..  
Completed binding for both quilt tops.  I roll them onto cardboard rolls to keep them from getting tangled, stretched, and otherwise disorganized.
And here it is - this is the pile of two pieced backings, two quilt tops, and both sets of binding.
My aim is to take this into the school with a big ol' bottle of 505 at some point this week.  I like using the floor of the atrium (which is a GINORMOUS open space) to lay it down flat and baste it.  Its a lot easier than re-arranging my furniture so I can create a space large enough to baste it at home. 

Now my back is sore so I'm gonna console myself by making a delicious peppermint mocha.