Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Rainbowy goodness

You just know that any time you start a project and it starts with this: are bound to enjoy the finished results.  A few years ago I joined Sew-Sisters' Kona Club.  Then I stopped for about 18 months because I felt like I had more fabric than brains.  However, one Aviatrix Medallion quilt, one Pointy Quilt and I felt the need to hop back on the train.  These are my colour-coded drawers now.

Anyhow....I digress....

So one of my nieces turned 11 earlier this year and if you know anything about 11-year-old girls, it's that they are OBSESSED with unicorns.  And this particular 11-year-old is also obsessed with rainbow-colour-order.  God love her.

Clearly, Lisa the Unicorn was on order.

I pulled a stack out of what I thought would work well for Lisa's mane, added in some metallic essex yarn-dyed linen for the background (because every unicorn needs to sparkle) and set to work.  If you have worked on a number of Elizabeth Hartman's patterns like I have, you might cut out all the pieces and think you are never going to finish and it is never going to work.  But then, by some miracle, it all seems to fit together lickety split!

That mane is my favourite part. And it left me with a really pretty rainbow ordered scrap.
It wasn't long before I had most of the pieces put together so I could get a vision of what the final product would look like.  Giant, sparkly excitement.

Then...before I knew it, the front of this massive floor cushion was done.
My grandmother (the other quilter in my family) helped my niece make a rainbow quilt this fall and I thought that a big floor cushion she can lay on the floor with a read would make a nice, coordinated addition to her room.  I quilted the background in teal swirls which looks cool with the metallic and then quilted her mane like hair.  

Mission accomplished.

Now I want to create my own herd of unicorns.  Totally unacceptable though...right?

So I made myself a Sparkly Sloth instead.