Finished Projects 2013

For Alice

Close up and folded

Wallet in Denyse Schmidt fabric I got on clearance!
And it holds an iPhone!
Keystone Lodge.  Made for my friend Erick for his birthday in May
The reverse side.  I pieced a checkerboard.

The competition suit.  My first foray into garment sewing.
Here's how she looked on stage
I made a shirt!  The tips I got from my friend when I started this were invaluable!
Out in Space.  Given to my sister on August 25th - the day she left  :(

And the back of Out in all its swirly quilty goodness.

Techno-pouch for all your lovely work supplies

...which worked out so well I made a couple more.
Two of the five holiday pillow cases I made for the kidlets I know
I made two of these "Blitzen Trees" quilts for some friends.

And the backs

So this year I finished five quilts.  I put the bindings on one that was done a couple years ago and then finally gifted it and I also finished two more quilt tops which I need to quilt and finish before I blog them.  Not too shabby.

My aim for 2014 is to increase my total and to try some stuff I haven't done before.  We'll see how it goes.

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