Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ohhhhhh....I have a blog!

Guys!  I have a blog.  I feel like I forgot.  More importantly, you probably feel like I forgot.

I've been busy.  Super busy.  Epically busy.  I lost my sewjo.  I lost my sewjo so bad that I didn't touch my sewing machine for over seven months.  I lost it so bad I even stopped buying more fabric than I know what to do with.  

I moved.  I moved jobs.  I then was successful in making it to the Principal's pool.  I'm waiting (not so) patiently for my own school.  I moved houses.  I got a puppy (FYI, he's not a puppy any more).

Everyone meet the Tuckerdoodle!  My very own 60 pound ball of fluff!
So after I stopped sewing (and blogging)...I started again.

I have decided to try and finish my Lucky Stars BOM.  I'm only 30-something months behind!  I have chipped away at a couple of missing blocks.  My goal is to make this into a quilt this year!  I have eight more months to make that happen.

I have also started making scrap baskets....out of hold my scraps.  My friend Atty would be so proud.  Or maybe not.  She used to like to use the giant pieces of fabric I scrapped to make things. #sorrynotsorry

Purply one!  My favourite!

In my whole ROYGBIV arrangement, I really only have ROY left.  But I kinda need a pink one, and one for grey and black.  Maybe one for neutrals...oh, and one that's chartreuse.  Most of my green scraps are actually chartreuse and they look really out of place in the green one.
I also made another Sew Together Bag for my VP partner's birthday.  A little Tula Pink never hurt anyone, right?
Some Eden and some True Colours and little Lizzy House for good measure!
And after all of this I got ambitious.  So I've had this bundle of Joel Dewberry's Birch Farm sitting on my shelf for over a year (during the dark ages of my sewing history) and I love the geometric and graphic nature of the prints.  They were screaming to be made into a big block quilt that would allow the fabrics to shine.  I knew just the right pattern...but I didn't have it.  No problem -- I just reverse engineered the thing from a picture.  A little sketching, a little colouring and a little quilt math...BAM!
Not too shabby!
And less than 24 hours later:

Now I'm quilting an almost 2-year old quilt I made for my friend Brenty's birthday while I wait for the backing fabric for this to arrive.   I think my sewjo is back.

I have more to show -- perhaps I should strive to make this blogging thing a regular occurrence?  Keep myself accountable to someone?  Maybe?

We'll see!  :p