Friday, 5 July 2013

A June block means....

I'm all caught up!!!!  WooHoo!!!

...well...for the Lucky Stars BOM anyhow.  It's progress anyhow!

It wasn't that hard either.  I dunno if its because I'm on summer vacation now and I have less junk crowding the valuable usable space in my brain or if its because I'm no longer carb deprived (thanks to the end of the 90-day challenge!!!!) but this was relatively simple to get through from start to finish.

Step one: fabric selections
Even though there were also 16 templates for this block, I was able to get them all laid out pretty quickly and was then able to turn 16 pieces into 8 triangles that could be laid out in a fashion that showed me what the final block would look like.

Its working.....
And finally, a finish!  Yay!  All caught up!  I just have to make sure I get the July block done some time in the next 26 days and I get to STAY caught up.  Sweet!

Plus, the July block is relatively simple compared to these last two blocks so I'm looking forward to banging it out pretty quickly!

Yahoo!  Onto something else!

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