Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Happy Delicious Mail

I'll be honest, I don't often get fun mail.  This likely contributes to why I hardly ever go collect my mail.  But today, I went to clear out the mailbox and there was a little key in my mailbox which means I got a package!  Yay!

I opened it up as soon as I got in the house and found the fabric deliciousness I ordered a couple weeks ago when Pink Castle was having a fall 30% off sale.

Here are my goodies:

Typewriters and Newspapers from the Objects line from Robert Kaufman, Text by Allison Glass, and Tipu Birds from Lotta Jansdotter's Bella line
This is Birds of a Feather from Alison Cole - not my usual pick but the colours are so saturated and happy.  I love it!
I also have been reading and reading about wonder clips on various blogs.  I had looked at them before but they are kind of pricey around here.  Usually about 8-10 dollars for a 10-pack.  Since there was a 30% off sale and these were originally priced at 7 a pack, I got some.
Hopefully they will be useful for holding down binding as I sew it on.
And finally, I need to kind of catch up on my Lucky Stars BOM.  I'm falling behind.  Over the summer there were a few really fiddly blocks with small pieces.  Doing the 12.5 inch blocks was hard enough so when I thought about doing the half-sized ones, I came up with all kinds of reasons not to keep up.  However, if I'm going to finish this thing on time - and I intend to dammit! -- I better get cracking.  Here's the one I made today:
Not too shabby.  I have one more half-sized block to catch up on.  Then I can go back to working month by month.  Sad to say, I'm about three months behind.  Yikes!
Alright, time for supper....I think soup is in order!

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