Monday, 11 November 2013

Binding Hell

Have I ever mentioned my least favourite part of the quilting process?  Binding. Not gonna lie people, I legit HATE sewing down binding.  Admittedly, I hate it less than I used to - my Grandmother showed me a faster way to stitch.  But I still hate it.  Alas, it has to be done.  I have had the quilt finished for...hmmm....closing in on two years I think.  It sat folded on my printer (or the almost finished stuff shelf, as I like to call it) but this weekend's upcoming visit from the Aunt it is intended for means I had to bite the bullet.  Damn you binding!  First step -- using my super cool new wonder-clips to hold the binding down.

Fabulous wonder clips on this really long-ago finished quilt
Then, the detestable part.....hand-sewing.  Ugh.  Seriously, its a wonder I can type right now.  It feels like my fingertips are bleeding.
Please note the sneak peak of my pink fuzzy monkey pyjamas.  You wish I was joking.  
And finally, after spending most of yesterday and then from about 5 till now doing the hand sewing, I got it all finished.  The result:
This is a little like a time stamp.  I can use it to gauge how much my personal tastes have changed since I started quilting.  This was the second quilt I ever pieced.
This is also the last quilt I paid to have quilted by somebody else.  After I got this one back I kinda figured I could do it myself.  

And also, just because its Remembrance Day, I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my Grandfathers - both veterans.  Thanks Grandpa and Bub for your sacrifices in honour of freedom.  Lest we forget.
Gunner Percy Hill - 17th Canadian Field Regiment. Wounded in action in April 1941.  Helped to liberate Holland
Private Arthur Baker - Royal Canadian Regiment.  Served in the Korean War for three years.

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