Monday, 9 May 2016

Sometimes I wish this was my job

It's official - I have reached that magical point in the school year where I wish it was over.  I love the big kids I'm around all day.  But you know that feeling you parent-people have two weeks into the summer?  Yup, I've got a big case of the see-ya-laters.  Lol.  This is why I wish sewing was my job.

 My friend made me this bitmoji.  It's supposed to represent who/how I am.  At the very least, it's how she sees me.  Um...just a theory here...but if that's what she thinks I'm like, it might help explain the reason I'm done with the school year.

Anyhoo...Ive been working on some moderately secret sewing.  So far I have managed to make one of these:
I have lusted after this paper-pieced sewing machine for MONTHS!  And I finally made it!  Squeeee!
There's more to add to the secret but it will come later.  I so love this that I find myself walking into my sewing room just to take a look at it.  Ahhhhh......

I still have my finish-a-long stuff to work on and complete but with the Fort McMurray Fire Disaster and then the #quiltsforfortmac initiative started by some of the members of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild, I have been focused more on doing my part to help.  My quilt army decided to pool resources and send a package with all our blocks.  We have all made 5 or 6 each.  These are mine:
There is a tutorial available on SLOstudio if you want to make any of your own -- check out her May 5th post!
I mean, finish-a-long projects can wait till June 30th.  These folks need help now.  I even donated $100 to the Red Cross in my mom's name as her Mother's Day present.  I just can't imagine the massive sense of uncertainty and loss these folks are feeling.
Dunno why, but this one is my favourite.  
After I finished my set of six blocks and let the quilt army know I was done, I returned to the secret sewing.  I was working on something tiny to add to it.

This little guy is only 2.5 inches wide and he contains 13 separate pieces of fabric.! I think I might go blind before I finish.  
And now I'm looking forward to this weekend -- a quilty friend is hosting a sewing retreat!  Yay!  Her  and her hubs own an industrial bakery and he agreed to give up the space for a sewing fest this weekend.  What could be better than a sewing retreat in a bakery?!?!  The universe is rewarding me I think.

And finally....this...because this morning as I was getting ready for work someone was having a serious case of the Mondays....

Oh Tuckerdoodle!

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