Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Hundred Days Odyssey continues

I was looking back through all the photos I took of this challenge and realized, as I was going through, that a lot of life occurred between the beginning and the end of this project.  The one thing I am super grateful for through the four months this took, is that doing it as an Instagram sew-a-long challenge means that I have progress shots of every single step of the process -- from the book and the fabric selection to the final layout.  Its kind of cool.  AND, even more cool is the fact that between house-sitting, and a trip to Europe, I was able to keep pace and do the whole challenge on track.  For realz.  100 days and 100 blocks.  Let's just not focus on what has happened since the 100 days ended.  

I took a look through the archive and pulled out a couple of my favourites from the whole 100.  It was hard to choose.  Check it out:

This is one of my favourite blocks from the challenge.  I really love Alison Glass focal prints and this mustard yellow is so rich I can almost taste it.

Each block isn't a lot of intense work in and of itself but if you choose the right fabrics, there's so much going on in each.

I really like how I was able to mix collections together - both new and old  - it makes the quilt a time line of my collection.

There are some pieces in some of the blocks (like this one) that represent the last tiny scraps I have of a particular fabric in a specific colour way.
I'm not gonna lie, when the challenge was over and I looked at the collection of BRIGHT and INTENSELY saturated blocks I had made, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make a coherent quilt.  Naturally, the only solution was to create a photo-mosaic to see what I had and if it would work.  Happy to report (as you can see below) that somehow the mish-mash of intensity translates into an actual thing.  Yay!

My photo mosaic of my least 81 of them.
As I transitioned into thumb jail at the end of the summer, I took to actually laying out my blocks the way I think I want them to appear in the final quilt layout.  While the disorder above show me that it will actually work, I need a bit more structure in my life.  Perhaps a little rainbow colour order structure...

You guys!  All the heart eyes for this!
And one last thing...


These are the most sinfully delicious doughnuts I've ever had.  

Daddy O Doughnuts peeps.  Yum.  

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  1. Mmmmmmmmm. Doughnuts. And the blocks look so amazing!