Saturday, 27 October 2012 blog.....

A friend of mine has been asking why I don't have a quilting/sewy blog.  She thinks I should since I'm kind of always sending picture/text messages updating her on the status of my latest projects and the state of my shoulders and back when I'm working on these projects.

I guess, given enough time to let it marinate, it turns out she's right (No one, EVER tell her I said that).  I can only post so many things on facebook and I do stalk the blogs of some other folks out there in the quiltiverse.    So it looks like I'm dipping my sewing foot into the blogging pool.  

Here is a quilt I am working on now - I want to give it to someone for Christmas.  My initial plan was to make it for myself since the aforementioned friend bullied me into buying the fabric.  She said these fabrics were right up my alley.  They were.  These are make-me-feel-happy-even-on-the-lousiest-day kinds of fabrics.  And while I intensely love them, the look on the gift-receiver's face when she took a look at it, illustrate the the quiltiverse wants her to have it.  And who am I to argue with the quiltiverse.
This is about a twin sized (good for the couch) quilt made with totally awesome fabric by Anna Maria Horner

And this is my first ever attempt at free-motion quilting.  While not as epic as I'd hope, its still far better than I thought I could pull off so I can't complain.  

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