Sunday, 27 January 2013

The ugly quilt

Now I'm not sure if we've all been there but I'm hoping I'm not the only one.  The ugly quilt. The project that - given total free will - no one could pay you to make.  That's the one I'm making right now.

The pattern itself isn't heinous but given the fabrics I am using, its totally....whats the opposite of inspirational? Dispirational?  There, I made a new word.

Now, this clearly isn't a quilt I'm making for myself.  In fact, half of my motivation for starting it is to get these ugly fabrics out of my stash.  I'm sure they are beautiful to someone.  Its just that the someone is definitely not me.  The other half of my motivation is that I made a deal with myself that I can't work on the things I want to finish until I have made some serious headway on this.

So here is the block....its made of four subsets and a tiny square in the middle...

See the tiny black square int he middle - I have NO idea how I'm gonna merge that into the block.
I feel some serious four-letter words coming on.  
And after you make all the blocks you are supposed to randomly place these circles over the block and raw edge applique them on like so...

I can't decide if the circles make it more or less ugly.
Regardless, I am knee deep into the ugly quilt.  I know sometimes, when we make things for others, they aren't necessarily the things we would make for ourselves.  However, from here on in, I'm making a new rule.  I have to at least not HATE it.  

'Nuff said.


  1. So where will this quilt be headed? And I have to remind myself that all fabric is beautiful for someone, but I am with you that this fabric is uggggggly.

    1. So ugly! Ugh. Gives new life to the term scrap vomit. Its for a guy. A guy who thinks fabric is girly by nature.

  2. I'm with Lynn - who is it for?