Monday, 20 May 2013

The Competition Suit

Awesome progress over this fantastic long weekend!

I finished the sewing of the suit on Friday night - it was surprising how easy it went together.  So surprising in fact, that I had a hard time believing it was going to actually fit my friend.

There it is in all its lime green shiny glory!
Of course, as soon as I found out she was in Mississauga the next day, I asked her to come over and try it on in case I had something massive to fix.

Score!  It ACTUALLY fits!  SO stoked!
So the next challenge was deciding how to sparkle it up.  We started with photos that my friend sent me of suits that she liked.  Then we checked out google images (I searched figure competition suits), and finally decided to hit up Pinterest.  There are a PILE of options. Who knew there were so many different ways to crystallize these things!
This was a first choice of how to outline the top.  We didn't end up doing the double row.  
Monday was fin-day!  We probably put almost 750 stones on this thing today.  We got the top totally finished and did the waistband of the bottoms.  Each stone was individually. Glued. On.   My fingers hurt.
Looks pretty awesome and in the light there is a TON of sparkle.  
Anyway, we just have to finish off the bottoms, that's the project for next Saturday.  This means any sewing I get done for this week is ALL for me!  YAY!

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  1. Okay. I am completely impressed. I would have never had the courage to take something like this on. Not only did you take it on, you nailed it. You can sew anything you set your mind to. Wow!