Sunday, 5 May 2013

Inspiration and catching up

Um....what the heck happened to April?!?  Jeez Louise.  My springs are always busy but I feel like I lost a whole month in there somewhere!

I'm behind on the two BOMs I'm registered for.  Yikes!  I hate being behind.  I had to start  catching up.  So I  You know, after volunteering at and visiting the Brampton Quilt Guild show yesterday and cleaning my house from top to bottom.  I have actual work to do - you know, the kind from the job that I get paid to show up at every day.  I think I'm procrastinating.  The report I have to write is a bit of an unsavoury task.

Anyhoo, I took some pictures of an ultimate skill I would LOVE to develop.  I definitely don't think I'm there yet...but one day.  Look:

A woman from the guild made a portrait quilt of a dog!  So cute!  Need to learn!
And this one is an inukshuk - its BEAUTIFUL!
Last but not least, this one is based on a Group of Seven painting.  You should see it close up - its breath-taking
To me, this is SUCH talent.  I'm still in the squares, circles, and triangles phase of my quilting life.  I can't even imagine being able to turn fabric into these amazing pieces of art.  One day though.  One day.
I took a photo of this one simply because the colours make me so happy!  The background is gradiated and the  circles have so many colours.  Happy!
 Anyhoo, I got home yesterday afternoon and figured I would get some sewing know, after I tackled my house cleaning.  But then it was too late so I saved it for today.  I finally got the April block put together for the Sugar Block Club.  I wasn't too sure my fabric selections would work out but I have to say I'm pretty happy with the end product.
My picture is kind of bluey toned - I have every window open in my house.  Probably too much sunlight.  Yup, tough problem to have.  :)
And here it is with my progress so far:
Not too shabby.  Now, if I can get the May block done before the month is over, I'll be all caught up.  As long as I do the same for the Lucky Stars BOM too.  *sigh*
I guess now I'm off to do the darned no-fun-report.  I really need to win the lottery.

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