Monday, 28 April 2014

Quilt Math Karma

The universe is teaching me a lesson.  I see you universe.  I know what you're doing.  Smart-ass.

In my last blog post I lamented on the fact that altering a quilt pattern required me to do quilt math.  I should have kept my blogging mouth shut.  I should have celebrated the relatively simple math I had the wonderful opportunity to calculate.  But nope.  I complained.  And then the universe got even.  

On Saturday evening I went to visit my niece Rachie.  After dinner my sneaky, sneaky Momma pulled an innocent photo out of her purse and she handed it to me.  Apparently my mom and grandmother were looking at some quilt pictures trying to figure out which quilt to make for my parents' bedroom after they lay some hardwood floors and redecorate.  What they found was a quilt that my Nan made in 2007 with her BFF.  Unfortunately, she can't remember where it came from.  Hence, I got the opportunity to backwards map the quilt and figure out the block size and fabric piece sizes.  It took me more than three hours.  Its a good thing I love my Nan and Momma!
First I had to figure out how it was made.  Then I had to figure out how big the block was.  Then I had to figure out the fabric requirements.  Its a good thing I love pencil crayons.  Did I mention my brain hurt when I was done.
I was also pretty productive on the home front too.  I managed to finish the quilt top I am making for my niece's birthday.  I'm calling it "A Birthday Tweet" for Maddie.  Hehe.  Ya....I'm pretty clever.  
There she is - taking up my whole island.  Surprisingly, this quilt is a LOT smaller than the ones I usually make.  It measures about 55 x 63.  A good size for a little girl to grow into and haul around.
These birdies are just SO.  Damned.  Cute!!!!
And the best part?  And my favourite part?  I am all OVER this cute fabric I used for the bindings.  Apparently these are Lovebirds.  Whatevs.  I think they are dead cute.  Not gonna lie, I even bought a bunch of extra so I could be sure I had adequate leftovers.
Who doesn't love a fresh roll of ready-to-sew binding?!?
And you know, just because I enjoy a challenge, I posted a wee one to my friend L via instagram on Sunday afternoon.  There is this BEYOND brilliant quilt pattern called Aviatrix put together by Elizabeth at "Oh Fransson" (seriously - check it out) which might be a great bit of a skill builder.  Well, I did a fabric pull from my stash of solids and then challenged my pal to join in.  Did I mention the pattern is 17 pages long?  Yup.  Apparently karma is everywhere today!
This will be AMAZING!
Okey dokey.....gotta rest up.  I feel like I'm gonna need to concentrate for this!

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