Monday, 7 April 2014

Return of the Cutter

Perhaps I just needed a little blog post to kick me in the ass and get me going again, but I feel like my desire to do pretty things with pretty fabrics is returning.  I certainly know that my desire to acquire pretty fabrics is returning.  Yum.  Can I tell you how much I love bluey-purples?!?  I want them all.  All the ones ever made by Kate Spain and Tula Pink and Kaffe Fasset and whoever else makes them.  If you happen to be ridding yourself of moderny bluey-purples....I'm your girl!

I guess you already saw, but after I cleaned my house from top to bottom this weekend, I felt like some semblance of order had returned to the world.  The above zero temperatures aren't hurting either.  I decided I could finally get my act together enough to sort through the GAJILLIONS of pictures I've taken since January (have I ever mentioned how many mundane pictures I take?) to find the ones that represent my creative endeavours since the beginning of January.   And then I posted.

Ooh, and speaking of that cowl I had made but never managed to take a picture of?  I took one:
Not too shabby for a first knitting project, right?
This thing is delightful.  Not only is it a pretty colour but it is soft as hell.  If you know me at all you know that texture is overwhelmingly important - it HAS to feel good to be good.  I made it slightly longer than the pattern called for - I hate the chokey feeling of turtlenecks and wanted to make sure this was loose but that I could still wrap it around.  I got to practice different stitches too.  I like knitting.  Not as much as I like quilting....but I think this just might stick.  I already started something new!

And tonight?  Shock of shocks, stunner of stunners?  I finally dragged out my cutting mat and my recently acquired collection of Lizzy House's Pearl Bracelets and got started on cutting the Bloom Bloom Pow quilt that's been marinating in the back of my head for months.
Ooooh!  Fabric was being sliced and diced tonight!
I'm not in a rush on this project.  I have something in mind I want to make for my niece and after a field trip to a certain not-so-local quilt store this weekend, I will likely work on it instead.  However, I'm not gonna lie, it feels good to be working on something again.


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  2. The colour is burple (blue + purple) and it's my favourite. =)