Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Colour Cuts Done #AviatrixMedallion

I'm making slow and sure progress on cutting out pieces for my aviatrix medallion quilt by Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Fransson!  In fact, tonight I hit a milestone -- I finished cutting out all (8 million) pieces out of the 20 coloured fat quarters that are required...and this thing has templates!  My grandmother has this theory that I seek out new projects based on how much I will be challenged by them.  Like it needs to be wicked hard for me even to be interested.  Maybe she's right.  I mean, the Aviatrix Medallion is so complicated you have to make a legend for all your fabrics.

See?  Here's my legend.  You are supposed to glue the fabric squares on the sheet but I don't have scotch tape to the rescue!
 Here is a delicious rainbowy-goodness look at what the cut up fabric looks like all ready to go for the various borders.
Looking at those delicious colours makes me super happy.
To keep everything adequately organized I am putting each border into a separate Ziploc bag...there are 6 borders in total - then, they all go in a bin so it stays together.  I'm not too far into this but I have a deep, sneaking suspicion that things could get mixed up in a heartbeat if there was no system.

These are all the pieces for border 6 - in order of how the legend goes.  There's NO way I'm going to accidentally sew the wrong colours together
And here are all my pieces and my bin with all my colours cut and ready to go.  All I need to do is cut out the neutral shades of grey and I will be good to get to sewing with this one!

Now, to just put this all back in the bin and I'm ready to roll!
Not gonna lie people, I'm pretty stoked about this one!

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