Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hi-Jinx - A finish!

I am not sure how it started...but whatever it was that was slowing me down over the winter seems to have left my system cuz now I'm cooking with gas!  School has been kind of easing up as the year winds down and so I have been contemplating all of the stuff I want to guys...ACTUALLY DOING IT!!!  Friday evening, I pulled out the fabrics I got back in December to make my friend Brent a house-warming present.  In fact, over the Christmas break from school I even drafted out the quilt.  Well, he's been in the house for about eight months now and his birthday was looming so I finally pulled it together to make him a quilt.

Remember this?  From January?  Finally got to work on it!
The pattern isn't too complex so I was able to cut out all my fabric pieces on Friday evening after work.  That way, when I woke up at the ungodly hour of 7:30 on Saturday morning (I recall, with great nostalgia, being able to sleep in till noon in my twenties) I was ready to start.  By mid-afternoon I had all my blocks done!
These colours REALLY pop against the dark grey background.  Loves it!
I was so productive, I was able to lay it all out and start piecing the rows together by evening!  When I got up this morning - again at 7:30 (super Grr!), I only had to finish piecing the last two rows.  Then, by lunch-time, I only had a couple of seams left.  Woot!
Last seam -- ever notice how much you're just gunning to get finished by the end?
So...early this afternoon....voila!  I'd like to introduce you to "Hi-Jinx."  My friend Brenty's 40th birthday present quilt!  This monster is a tad on the large side at 81 x 90 inches.  It was so large I couldn't quite manage to get it all in one photograph - even standing on the damned furniture.  Should be fun to ya...real fun.  :0

Also, in other quilty news, I went on a tiny shopping trip to Greenwood Quiltery last Friday with my new sewing-army convert.  You know, I only managed to spend all my grocery money for the next two weeks.  But...worth it!  I picked up all the fabrics for the Swoon-a-long my friends and I are going to tackle this summer.  Lots of Violet Craft Waterfront Park which has these lovely, happy, summery colours, with some Meadow by Leah Duncan and some Art Gallery Squared Elements for fun.  
Maybe not the greatest and most centred picture but its so pretty I don't care.
Check out the luggage sized bag I hauled out of that store!  I'm equal parts thrilled and embarrassed with myself.

And this is PART of what Camille purchased -- its for the Sew Together Bags we are going to make to help her hone her newly acquired and constantly improving sewing skills.  Her choices are TOTALLY up my alley.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful fabric hoarding relationship!
A little Kaffe Fasset and some hot pink Sketch!  Delish!
K, gonna go and keep riding this wave of motivation!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Camille has similar crazy tastes! And the quilt is amazeballs