Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer VACATION!!!!

I know I have been REALLY negligent on the blog lately....but only cuz I have been having the most epic summer.  I thought, as my August begins to wind down and the new school year looms that I would recap (in the most chronological order I can remember) just what I got into throughout the summer.

As soon as the school year ended I HAD to celebrate so I went over to see my friend Stephanie - whom I have known since I was about 5 - and a couple other long-term friends.  She is an AMAZING photographer.  I thought instead of a traditional hostess gift I would make her something.  I ended up on a boxy pouch she could use to store...well....anything she wants, really.  :)

I used the tutorial by Pretty Modern but there are a TON out there - really, all you need to do is google "Boxy Pouch"
The pouch uses my very first on-line fabric order of Katy Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt both inside and out.  If only I knew back then what a ridiculous fabric hoarder I would become. *sigh*

The day after our throwback celebration, I took my newly converted quilt-army recruit and her visiting sister on a fabric shopping extravaganza! I was thinking - no problem - let them go nuts buying stuff and sit back and watch and enjoy....but have you seen the 7.99 room at Sew Sisters?!?!  Its an Art Gallery Fabrics lover's dream!  And really, who am I to keep dreams from coming true.

Did I mention I had also ordered about this much from them not two weeks earlier?  I'm disgusting.  
Next up, a few days after the year ended I headed out west with my BFF for her national competition.  Totally insane dummy that I am, I promised her if she made nationals, that I would make her a new competition suit.  She made nationals.  I made the suit.  At the end of the school year.  While trying to turn over the school year.  Seriously people - I need to be medicated.

All of those crystals are individually added.  I was cross-eyed for three days after I finished.  She looked epic though! 
So to avoid keeping you in suspense - she came 6th!  In the country!  She exceeded every personal goal she set for herself before the competition!  So proud!  We took full advantage of being most of the way across the country to make a road-trip vacation of our experience.  We went to Jasper and Banff and made sure to stick our toes in Lake Louise.  We came back through the states and ended up driving through Wisconsin. Since we were there I KNEW I had to make it out to the Sewcial Lounge.  You know, since I live vicariously through it online and through Jeni Baker's Blog and all.

I would like to admit that I have no self control.  Isn't the first step in addressing an addiction, admitting that you have a problem?  Hehe.  How could I pass this up?  A little Jeni Baker, some Amy Butler, a few fat quarters of Mormor and a nice rounding out of Terra Australis!  And I was on vacation people!  Cripes.  I need a bigger house.

Tell you what - I won't even tell you what I bought when I went to New York City.  If you hear me whispering "Anna Maria Horner" or "Pretty Potent"....just don't pay attention.  That's right shoppers...move along.  Nothing to see here.

One last step on the vacation trail - I finished cutting out the crap-load of pieces for the aviatrix medallion.  In fact, the occasion was so monumentous, that I had to immortalize the last freaking step!  288 template pieces.
All ready to start sewing!
So that's what I did on summer vacation -- what kinds of trouble did you get into?

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