Monday, 4 April 2016

And that's a wrap!

I have a finishing problem.  Well...not really a finishing problem - it can more aptly be described as a not-having-the-degree-of-expertise-I-want-so-I-put-it-off-for-forever problem.  What seems like a gajillion years ago (but which is actually about 22 months ago) I started a 40th birthday present for my friend Brenty.  He the best.  He's like a living cartoon character...or a muppet.  The big brother I never had.  Anyhoo, I bought all the fabrics and cut them all up and planned out this quilt with a little help from the birthday boy. 

The random pink circle is courtesy of the aforementioned muppet
I got to this point VERY quickly: then it sat there....and called to me....and mocked me...and I ignored it....until Brenty started whining.  Nothing lights a fire under your ass like an almost 42 year old who whines that its almost time for ME to turn 40 and he doesn't have his quilt yet.  Jerk.  :p

So I buckled down over the last couple of weeks and finally finished it!

This thing is a bit of a monster.  Its 90" x 100"  and I bitched and moaned that my friend Alice was doing enough to make her wing span quilt-suitable.  I'm a good friend.

The quilting is done with a bright turquoise thread.  In one direction the lines are two inches apart.  In the other direction, they are random distances.  Thanks to A and L for their input on how to finish the quilting.  It matches the wonky crosses.

The backing is a black and white print from ikea that may have been $3.00 a metre.  Gotta love cheap ikea fabric for quilt backs.
I attached the binding by machine.  It follows my rules for quilting -- boys, kids and dogs get machine done.  They don't care that much, right?

And there you have it!  Hi-Jinx.  A quilt for Brenty.  May his next forty years be better than his last.  I'm officially back in the quilty saddle.

Also, here's a photo of my dog giving his bff a know, just 'cuz.


  1. It looks so awesome. And a finished quilt!?! Hooray for you! Lucky friend!

  2. Awesome sauce!! Looks fantastic. That Brenty's a lucky dude.