Sunday, 10 April 2016

Extrinsic Motivation

I'm a pretty motivated person.  I don't need rewards usually - just the desire to do something - and the accompanying stubbornness (which I have in spades) typically helps me follow through.  I am my own best competition after all.

However, that last sewing hiatus I took?  It was epic.  And I'm trying to figure out any/all contributing factors.  One might be that I have SO many projects on the go and not a lot of finishes to be proud of. I get to a point where I know I shouldn't start anything new, and yet I don't want to finish the old stuff....and then....nothing.  Hence, maybe its time to add in some extrinsic motivation.

So I've been successfully peer pressured by How My Time Flies to join a Finish-a-long being hosted by She Can Quilt (among others).  I'm going to publicly declare a few finishes and then welcome the accountability to get those things done.

I'm joining in on the second quarter of this Finish-a-Long and have until the end of June to transform my projects from WIPs to Gifts (except the scrap baskets - which are selfishly for me).  Hopefully moving the older stuff out will make some space in my sewing room.

Here's what I think will be reasonable to manage as we get into the most chaotic part of the school year:

First up, is Puppy Love - a quilt top, pieced back, and made binding combo I have had sitting around for LITERALLY six or seven  years.  What a disgrace.  This will be a finished quilt by the end of the quarter.
Second, I will finish the Red, Orange and Yellow one hour scrap baskets I need to make to finish off my rainbow.  I can then save the pink, grey/black and neutrals ones for the next quarter.  I think I might also need more shelf space to keep them.  :)
And the third finish will be this quilt -- made with Jaybird's Dance Floor pattern, I just need to add  pieces to make it bigger, piece the back and quilt the sucker.  I even know who I want to give it to!  Again, it shames me to admit that this quilt has been sitting around for four years.  Yikes.  Move on already!
Okay, that's it.  Anything above and beyond this will be a total bonus.  AND moving out a quilt means I get to start a new there are two new quilts in my future!!!  Yay!

Good luck to all who are participating!

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