Friday, 3 January 2014


I was just thinking - I have not posted one of my Lucky Star BOM blocks for AGES!  Wanna know why?  Cuz I haven't worked on one of them for AGES!  Yikes.  Its weird because I really, really, really like them and I'm always ridiculously happy to look at them when they are finished.  They just take so. Damned. Long. To recap, this BOM started last December with a practice block.  Then, one per month since then.  Technically, if I'm doing what I should, when I should, there should be 26 blocks.  13 of the 12.5 inch, and 13 of the 6.5 inch.  I'm not doing too bad - I finally got July done.  This means I have 16.  So only 10 more to go.  Maybe, if I keep up the pace, I'll be done by next Christmas.  Sheesh.

So my friend A and I had a little sewing date at her house on the 30th.  This is an EPICALLY awesome idea and I want to do it again.  It gave me the time, space, and reason to sit and sew for the better part of an entire day.  As such, I was able to get my July block done from Lucky Stars - both sizes!  

This is the 12.5 inch version of the July block.  I really think its my favourite so far.
And again, I was able to use the scraps from the big block to construct the 6.5 inch version.
So, fueled by coffee and a really delicious roasted red pepper and sweet potato soup (really yummy A!) I was able to use my time to get myself that much more caught up on my Lucky Stars.  If we do this five more times, I'll finally get 'er done I think!

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