Saturday, 20 April 2013

New fabric LOVE!

Last weekend, I kind of went a bit mental with a project that's been marinating in my brain for a while.  Its a quilt I want to make for my sister before she moves to the Netherlands at the end of the summer.  I have mentioned it before.  This project will be personally meaningful for her as both the pattern and the fabric represent why she is moving there in the first get her PhD in Astro-Physics.  The pattern is Space Dust by Tula Pink (LOVE) and the fabric is Constellations by Lizzie House.  She has been enamoured with space her ENTIRE life.  I particularly remember one instance from my university days when she looked at my friend (who was over for dinner) with her gigantic sweet eyes and asked with a slight lisp "What's your favourite type of galaxy?"  He looked at me, imploring for some kind of answer he could give her while not looking like a total idiot but I had nothing.  She might have been nine.  I should have known then.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this project and realized while I was window shopping on various websites that its getting harder and harder to get a hold of the whole line.  Since the quilt requires 22 different fabrics, I kinda realized I had to act soon or risk not being able to find what I needed.  So I took the plunge, and bought it.  From the U.S.  Its NOT on sale.  Shipping is ri-DONK-ulous.  But who cares - she's my sister and she's worth it and she will love it forever.

Anyhoo, the point of my little story here is that the fabric arrived yesterday.  Yup...all 17 yards of it!  Ha.  I LOVE it. So pretty!  I pet it for a while this morning before I decided everyone else should share in the joy of it too.  I'm hoping to have enough of the scraps to make a whole bunch of Half-Square-Triangles after so I can have a little something out of it too.

Here it is:
This is every fabric laid out in a stack.  The colours are from the same family but there is enough diversity to get the look that I want.

And although the lighting isn't ideal, here is a view of all the fabric.  I rounded out the line with some Pear Bracelets in coordinating colours and some solids too.
And just becaase its Saturday, here is the Moosh, having a lovely nap.
I have no idea why but he is obsessed with pillows.  He ALWAYS sleeps on pillows.  Its kinda cute....unless its my pillow.  

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  1. It looks ah-mazing. I bet you can't wait to jump into this one! Now finish Keystone Lodge so you can!