Friday, 15 March 2013

Fabric Cutting Party!

Did I mention that next week I am headed out on a five day quilting retreat?!?  There is this place called Quilters Miss Bee Haven up in the Muskoka area and I am going with a bunch of the women who taught me how to quilt (including my awesome Grandma!).  I always aim to get piles and piles done as its pretty much the only opportunity I get to spend straight days sewing.  We even maximize food prep time be breaking up into pairs and having each pair prep, cook, and clean up for only one of the days.

Anyhoo, in order to get as much done as I can , I thought I would be a total smarty pants and wash, iron and cut all my fabrics in advance.  So, my first step was to dig out some stuff I want to work on.  I came up with these:
That's 24 fat quarters and a WHACK-load of Kona Khaki

I'm aiming to turn those into this:

And since I'm a total genius, I decided to cut out enough of the fat quarter colours to make two of these quilts because; a) I love it so much that I want to make two with different coloured neutrals as the background, and b) every time I make a quilt for myself that I intensely love, someone else also ends up loving it and I end up giving it away.  I'm getting smarter at this I think.

Additionally, this humongous pile of Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line...

...will eventually and hopefully end up looking something like this:

Finally, on my recent family trip to Disney World we passed by an AWESOME quilt shop just outside Atlanta called A Scarlett Thread.  They had a giant assortment of modern fabrics and patterns so I picked up this:  

Its called Cosmopolitan - I love the lime greens with the charcoal greys.
Which will ultimately be made into this:

So, if it was my aim to get this all washed, ironed, and cut - how did I make out in the last 10-12 hours?  Well ALL the fabric is pre-washed and ironed.  That actually took half of the total time I spent doing this today.  Cripes, I need a man-servant.  

And I ended up with these ready to go:
I'm going to eventually call this quilt Skittles Squared.
Even the borders and bindings ready to go
It being midnight now, I'm not diving into the last pile of fabric tonight.  That will be tomorrow's mission.  And, by my calculations, I have saved myself at least an entire day up at the retreat by having all that ready to go before we head out! Yahoo!

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