Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Its been a while!

Cripes!  What happened?!?  My last "real" post was eight days ago!  Yikes.  It was crazy busy at work and I think I just ploughed through to the end knowing that March Break was coming up!   Now its here!  Yay!

So today, after a whirlwind of a weekend which included changing a pair of my friend's golf pants into golf shorts for his trip to Vegas, and taking in the overly wide legs on another pair of his pants, going over the border to Buffalo shopping on two different days and hanging out with my niece, I'm finally finding my staycation rhythm.  This included getting my March block done for the Sugar Block Club after having had the pieces cut out since the 4th.

I'm really digging the choices I made for the fabric here this month.  No idea why.
Here are my first three months all together:

The picture quality isn't that great but I think its looking alright!
Seeing the progress I'm making is making me pretty excited to get to April!

Today, I also pulled a very rare move of venturing into the kitchen.  Lets be honest, I do NOT enjoy cooking.  Its not that cooking can't be fun but I live alone and its frankly way too much effort for the output.  However, its March break....so I made these:

Delightful, delicious, mock skor bars!
These puppies make my taste-buds sing!  Not to hard, just butter and sugar boiled together and layered over soda crackers and topped with chocolate.  Yum!  These little babies should sustain my sewing efforts for the next few days at least!

Now.....I go to cut out the paper pieces for the Lucky Stars BOM.

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