Thursday, 14 March 2013

"March-"ing on!

You know, for it being March "BREAK" I feel like I haven't had two minutes to rest...yet.  This officially changes today.  I'm not making any more plans until after school starts back up again.  I spent today cleaning my house and then when I was done, I felt the March block for Don't Call me Betsy's Lucky Star BOM calling my name.

Here's the thing though - the templates called for making the block in 8 parts:

See?  You make 4 of each of these and then join them. 
Unfortunately, from my calculations, and from my extensive creeping of the flickr group for this project, doing it this way makes for four seams that have the potential to not match up perfectly and thus there is great potential for me to get intensely pissed off.  So, I changed the game a little:
First, I cut out all the pieces I needed to, and then thought of joining them to make four triangles instead of the four squares called for.

I just used a little scotch-tape and eliminated the middle seams.
The only problem, was that Betsy called for the use of multiple fabrics for 1A/1B to give the whole finished block some movement.  K, dilemma.  How to do that.......?  Think. Think. Think.  And solution!  I'll just sew  two different fabrics together for AB in order to start the whole thing off.  And then the finished product:
Do you see? No unnecessary seams for me to potentially screw  up  just in front of where each yellow  meets each white
And finally, the first three months together, all lined up:

I'll have to admit, I'm kinda getting into this one too.  I'm excited to see how it will all turn out at the end.  


  1. You are one clever monkey! They look amazing.

  2. Looks great! And glad to hear you can get to some serious sewing now.