Saturday, 23 March 2013

Retreat - Day Four

I forgot to tell you about yesterday's finish! I picked up some really cool fabric on the trip home from Florida after Christmas. I used I to make Jaybird Quilts' Dance Floor patern. Sooooooo happy with the results and I was able to get it done (minus the cutting) in a single day. My next challenge is to determine what the heck I want to do with it....hmm....

Today I have been working on a Daisy Chain stripy quilt from Amy Butler. However, I haven't gone very far before figuring out that although I like each individual block, I'm probably going to want to put it together in a whole differe t way.

Finally, I made myself a new wallet - the best part is, I can fit my phone inside it so its hypothetically the only thing I need to grab when I leave the house. Seeing as how I hate carrying anything, this is a total score!

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  1. I recognize that DS fabric from Greenwood Quiltery on our shop hop last year. You are being disgustingly productive. I'm so jealous. They all look amazing.