Sunday, 3 February 2013

Community Projects

The guild I'm a part of makes a variety of items for various charitable organizations and non-profits in the area.  These range from place-mats  and gift bags to pet mats and cuddle quilts.  Apparently, as I was informed at the last guild meeting, I've been hoarding some kits for a long time (yikes!).

Yesterday, when I re-stacked my stash I found where they were hiding and thought today - pre-football game - would be a good time to work on them.

Here are the finished gift bags - they hold the supplies that are gifted to a local shelter at Christmas:

The next item was a cuddle quilt.  You get a stack of squares from random fabrics and need to find a way to put them together that's coherent.  I'm a pretty visual learner - not to mention, a perfectionist - so I had to sketch it out first.

Then I could lay it all out so I could re-stack the fabrics for some serious chain piecing.

I'm not fully done yet but I have all the rows put together.  I'll probably finish some time this week.  Well, its off to football!

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