Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lucky Star Block for January

I'm beginning to believe that working full time is REALLY cramping my style.  I thought about getting this block done all darn day!

When I got home, I scarfed down some leftovers and went for it.  I have learned, through the Sugar Block Club block for February that pre-perforating your paper templates makes it HELLA easier to get the paper off after you're done sewing.  I'm beginning to realize its why I think I hated paper-piecing to start with.  So that's where I started.

Then I needed to audition my fabrics.  I had the benefit of using my late start to this B.O.M. to peruse through the flicker group to see what others were doing.  Then, because I am SUPER anal, I sketched out what I thought I wanted and used coloured pencils to see what it might look like.  Then, because I should be medicated, I folded the fabrics I wanted to use into shapes akin to what one of the templates looked like and was finally convinced of my colour scheme (even my own family makes fun of me for stuff like this so feel free).
Wait till you see the quarter block shape and you'll see what a lunatic I am
Finally, I got the four pieces of the template put together after I fried my brain and had to rip stitches three separate times!
Every time I got to that snot and blue coloured fabric I couldn't get it to go on right
And finally, the finished block:

Looks not too shabby if I do say so myself!  Now, if I can get the February one done during the upcoming long weekend, I'll be right on track with this club!  If I won the lottery though, I could work on it tomorrow.  See what I mean about this work junk!


  1. It looks incredible. You may be anal but damn your blocks look good.

  2. Nice block! Have you bought a lottery ticket lateley?