Saturday, 2 February 2013

February Sugar Block

The block this month is called The Northern Star.  Its paper pieced which I'm not quite sure I'm ready to do again.  You see, about 2 years ago I took a paper-pieced, offset pineapple workshop.  You were supposed to make a wall-hanging.  It had over 400 small paper-pieced bits or fabric.  I wanted to burn it by the time I was done.  Had that wall-hanging been a person, I would have punched it in the throat.  Yup.

Anyhoo, I got through it but have avoided paper-piecing ever since.  I have to admit though, this was not as bad as I thought it would be.

The worst part was this middle small sqaure:

This took a while and I had to rip out the seam joining the two halves together because my first go was off centre.
 But, in the end, not bad.  Here is the finished block.  Although its not perfect, I'm not hating it enough to rip it apart and fix it.

Mission accomplished!

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