Saturday, 23 February 2013

Insert multiple swear words here!

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting mad when you are sewing!  Its a freakin' hobby and its supposed to be fun.  Period.  However, some nights, the universe just conspires against you.  Tonight is one of those nights for me.

You know that FMQ project I'm avoiding finishing?  Well I got it in my head this evening to get one bobbin of FMQing in so that tomorrow I could get it finished.  I was actually proud of myself.  Smug even.  Set up my darning foot, set up my ironing board beside my sewing table to bear some of the weight, threaded all my bobbins and got down to it......thread snaps.  Adjust my thread tension and start again.....thread snaps. *sigh*  Make sure there isn't too much crud in my bobbin case, check my bobbin out to make sure its threaded correctly and start again.....thread snaps.  Consider throwing my machine against the wall, note the incredible cost and hassle of replacing said machine, vow to take up drinking more instead and give it one....last....shot.  I bet you think the thread snapped.  Nope.  GIANT ball of tangled thread on the back of the quilt which I don't notice till I've gone for a bit.   Stomp around in the hallway for a minute like a crazed four-year-old and then set down to pick it all out.  Multiple swear words.  Squared.  Times two.

In the middle of picking out all the threads.  Eff!
Some - not all - of the mess I made
I think the universe wants me to read tonight.

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