Monday, 11 February 2013

Uh...what the?!?

Today my mission was to start on the Lucky Stars BOM.  Understanding that its Monday - AND I had trouble falling asleep last night - I knew I wasn't going to bite off a huge chunk today.  I thought to myself: "Self? Do you think we can manage just to cut out the templates today?"  Seems like a good Monday job.  And then I printed the monthly packages....

13 pages for the intro, 14 for January and 13 for February!  What the ?!?!

I had to get out my trusty looks-like-we're-gonna-spend-forever-cutting necessities: chocolate and Suisse Mocha.  Yum!

What felt like a MILLION years later.
I thought I would cut out the pieces for both the 12.5 and 6.5 blocks at the same time.  I mean, as long as I had the scissors out, right?

And finally, I have these visions of picking all this up to take it upstairs and then falling up the stairs and dropping it all. Then I'd have to figure out what went with what.  Soooo....OCD time - I labelled all the pieces.  
So, mission accomplished - all cut out!  Yay!  

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