Friday, 8 February 2013

Ugly Quilt Reborn - Keystone Lodge

Today, after I finished my community project (thank you K - I know I'm not alone!) I decided to get back to the "Ugly Quilt."  As I put my blocks together I started to think that I should probably stop calling it that.  How nice would it be for me to get this thing together and gift it, only for that person to know that I've publicly and repeatedly called it ugly.  Yikes!

This is the giant pile of blocks I had once I got to the last seam.
As I struggled with the "partial seam" required to get this block together -- remind me for all future projects that partial seams SUCK -- I started to notice that this whole damn block depended upon a 2 x 3 inch piece of fabric.  This little piece of fabric was like a keystone for the whole shebang.

See that tiny piece of fabric that is the crux of the whole block!?!
Additionally, in trying to mentally re-brand this quilt, I started to try to imagine a place where I wouldn't hate it so much.  I thought it might actually fit in at a cottage or hunting lodge.  Somewhere with men in flannel and roaring fires.  Henceforth the Ugly Quilt will be called Keystone Lodge!  It almost makes me hate it less.  Almost.


  1. Great name for the quilt! I'm not sure if it makes it less ugly though. I can't wait to see the finished product.