Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sewing School

Hey Peeps,

No pictures today. Too lazy to add them last night so I finally got to it now.  I just walked in from sewing school.  I bought a new machine last April and the place that sold it to me offers all new purchasers a series of free classes to teach them all the cool things their machine can do.  Since I got the machine last April, I should have done this last spring...but I got really busy. Then I had an opportunity to do it in the fall - I can't remember why I didn't do it then.  Probably softball playoffs.  Anyhoo, I had to wait for the sewing-machine-as-Christmas-present crowd.  I'm a little behind.  Ha.

Tonight was the last of my four sessions.  If you bought a SUPER fancy machine, you get a fifth session.  Mine is only medium fancy although after doing this, I can't imagine what the heck else a machine could do that mine can't!  If it cooks - I'm getting one!

Tonight we played with applique.  I'm not gonna lie, the thought of applique terrifies me.  Like for realz.  Nightmare and panic sweat inducing fear over here.  I have to admit though, I'm feeling better about if after this session tonight.  We did a satin stitch example, and one that looks hand stitched.  I think I like the hand-stitched looking one better.  Satin stitch is a tad too much like the thread is standing on a street corner in a mini-skirt screaming your name.  You know how it is.

Hand-look applique
Satin stitch applique
And look!  One that even ends up looking like hand-quilting!  
I think I might actually try a project that involves an appliqued something or other.  I'll start small.  Maybe a mug rug or something.  It can be one of my many piling up summer plans.

Time to walk the Moosh though - there is a head in my lap and I think he's trying to give me a hint.

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