Sunday, 24 February 2013

A blip and a binding

Not one to be defeated by sewing mishaps (or my own subsequent temper tantrums for that matter), I got back on the FMQ-horse today.  You know, after I consoled myself with maple flavoured coffee and a e-book this morning.  I started by changing my needle and figured I'd give myself a real fresh start.  I felt good. Then this:
I had one last option - the top thread on my machine was running low and the spool was gettting empty.  I switched to a brand new one and then I was ready to go like gangbusters!

And look!!!  Mission accomplished!  I got the bindings sewed on and now I'm ready to watch the Oscars while I start to hand sew them down.  

My aim is to get it done by Thursday so I can take it to my local guild meeting for show and tell.

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