Saturday 2 February 2013

The stash

Today, I had a small mission.  I wanted to make the block for this month's Sugar Block Club but first, I needed to find the room in my office/sewing room.  Okay, lets be honest - its WAY more sewing room and is more of a former office at this point - but I digress.

So I needed to clean up some room on the sewing table so I could cut the fabric I needed.  The other table is already covered in the ugly quilt and the ironing board was busy holding the quilt I'm trying to FMQ so clearly some things needed to get put away.

I'm super ashamed to show this, but here is my fabric stash....AFTER I cleaned it up.  Ugh.

And this is shameful enough, but it goes higher....

And deeper.  Theres a hidden drawer-set back there.

I'm brutal.  It would be one thing if I had the time to dedicate my life to sewing but I have a full time job.  There's enough fabric here to keep me in stitches till I'm 50!

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